Monday, July 27, 2009

T's Bridal Shower

So this past Sunday, I went to a bridal shower for T. I know what you're thinking, Terri had her bridal shower already? Nope folks, The bride-to-be in question is Tammy, a former college roommate of Terri (and yes, Terri is a bridesmaid in Tammy's wedding).
Upon invitation to Tammy's Bridal Shower, I thought it would be great for Sweet.Savvy.Chic to make a nice bath/body gift basket as the gift I would take to the shower. So, I spoke to Kaye and she agreed that it'd be a great idea, plus it would to get our business a little more known.

So here's the basket after we completed it (2 ½ hours before we were supposed to be at the shower.. talk about "double-time"):

And here's a picture of it all nicely wrapped:

(Did you see that ribbon, please don't ask how long it took us to tie it just so.)

I decided to call it the "I Love Me" basket, because as a new wife and working woman, there'll be many demands for T to do and she should remember to take some time for herself.

Included in the basket was:

1-Mocha Delight Body Bar and Body Scrub
1-Berry Passion Body Bar and Body Scrub
1-Lemon-Mint Mini Manicure Hand Scrub
1-Bath sponge
1-Loofah mitt
1-Pumice stone
1-Magnolia scented candle
2-Nail Files
1-Mini Manicure set
Also included was a cute bridal shower card sweet.savvy.chic filled out and stuffed it in there along with one of our business cards.

I really hope Tammy likes it! What was very cool is that ours was the only gift basket at the shower!! I was happy because I know usually brides get so many gift baskets especially bath sets, but not this time! :-)

Here is the guest of honor holding up the Sweet.Savvy.Chic originial:

Sweet.Savvy.Chic is on the way to the top!!! :-)

Have a blessed day!

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