Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Have a Venue!

We have a venue!!! Yay us!! The deposit was given so it's official! The day's events (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) will be held at ::cues trumpets:: Manor East in Massapequea, NY. Because we will be indoor all day and don't want our guests to feel too "cramped", we will be getting the usage of 3 different rooms for the day--for no extra cost!
Included with the venue is:
all the staff we need, French white glove service for the seated dinner, valet parking, bridal suite, linens, tableware & silverware and drinks for the cocktail hour and reception.
Notice anything missing??

This venue is giving us a great deal because including everything mentioned above, we're paying $25/person! We figure we will save more if we bring in food from another source. So, we'll see how accurate we were with that.

Our major thing now is finding a caterer that can feed the crowd all through the night for $5000, and getting our budget in order.

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