Monday, October 12, 2009

NYC Greenmarkets @ Union Square

Today I went shopping with my mother in New York City. Not the kind of shopping that maight instantly come to mind (you know, an afternoon shopping adventure @ Macy*s-Herald Square or Nordstrom's), but we went food shopping! And let me tell ya, it was so much FUN! Yes it was around 55 degrees today and yes it was an outdoor market, but those elements helped make the day what it was-- FUN! Also, my mom was with me, so that made it a great day too. I love to shop... even more for food, and more so when it's natural, God-given, organic food from the earth! I went to virtually every food tent in the Square! From the tent with the gentleman selling garlic jelly, to the tent that had every kind of apple grown in New York State (-- their spiced cider was de-lish! I bought a half-gallon!). I even visited the tent with everything made from goats' milk (yeah, so I didn't purchase anything there, I'm still not into the dairy, but they had goats' milk ice cream if you're interested) and the tent with already prepared vegan foods! I could go on and on and on, but I'll just post the pictures I took and let them do the telling for me! Enjoy!

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